Our Philosophy

Individual Differences & Diversity of Needs

At Senior Care Consulting, Inc., we value individual differences and understand the diversity of needs and situations.  We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of each and every client, including the lives of family caregivers.

Age is an instrument.
     Age causes nothing.
          Age means nothing.
                      Age tells us everything.
                                                Age tells us nothing.  ~ Unknown

A man and his grandson were vacationing at a beautiful seaside resort.

Late one evening under a full moon, the man and the boy decided to take a stroll down the deserted beach.  The boy immediately dashed off and began picking up stranded starfish.  One by one, he hurriedly returned them back to the sea. There were hundreds of starfish on the shore.

The grandfather said, “Joey what are you doing?  The tide and the wind have washed so many starfish onto the beach.  What difference do you think you can possibly make to so many?”

Joey pondered the question, looked at the starfish in his hand and replied, “Grandfather, I know I can’t make a difference for all the starfish that need help, but I can make a difference to this one.”
      ~     Anonymous

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