Elder Care Management Services

Multifaceted and Comprehensive

Senior Care Consulting offers provides support in the areas of advocacy, assessment, care management, consultation, counseling, crisis intervention, education, entitlements, information and referral services, insurance needs, and placement.

The underlying goal of Senior Care Consulting is to promote dignity and respect and make a positive difference in the lives of area seniors and their families.

Management Services

Advocacy –

We will act as an advocate to promote maximum wellness and independence for your loved one.

Assessment –

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the senior’s needs as well as their strengths. The assessment leads to an individualized plan of care.

Assessment areas include:

  • Social supports: family, friends, etc.
  • Psychological concerns such as depression
  • Financial: possible public services that may be available
  • Legal: Advanced Directives, etc.
  • Environmental: Home safety, evacuation plans, etc.
  • Physical: Mobility, medication review – compliance, etc.

Care Management –

Care Management includes implementation of the plan of care, regular visits to the client’s place of residence, accompaniment to major medical appointments and/or hospital/ER, and telephone support..

Consultation –

We are available to answer questions for the senior and their family members. If we don’t know the answer, we will find the answer for you.

Counseling –

We can assist with support, grief counseling, conflict resolution, end of life planning, as well as navigation through the health care system.

Crisis Intervention –

We strive to avoid a crisis, but should one arise you can count on Senior Care Consulting to be there for your loved one.

Education –

Knowledge is power. Our goal is to inform the client about their condition and empower them to make the appropriate decisions regarding care.

Entitlements –

Based on the senior’s financial situation, we can direct the senior to public benefits and services that may be available.

Information/Referral –

We will only refer to the best care providers in the area, such as homemaker companion agencies, elder law attorneys, geriatric physicians, etc. The senior and their family may then make informed decisions that best fit their needs.

Insurance –

We will review Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance statements for appropriateness, to avoid double billing and over-payment.

Placement –

We will assist in finding the best alternative living arrangement for the senior should the senior wish to live in an assisted living facility or when the senior is no longer safe alone in their own home. 

We invite you to learn more about our services, philosophy, and ethics!