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When equipped with the right dietary guidelines, vitamins, and social support from close relatives, senior adults can help mitigate and prevent loss of memory. This comprehensive guide shares some of the most simple tactics when it comes to battling disorders that target a person’s memory.

This article discusses the most prevalent challenges with nutrition as we age. Memory impairments can have a profound impact on eating habits. Common changes and impacts include:

  • Forgetting to eat or drink;
  • Forgetting how to eat or drink;
  • Forgetting how to cook;
  • Forgetting how to use utensils and cookware;
  • Loss of appetite due to medications or a change in dosage;
  • A diminished sense of smell or taste;
  • Not recognizing or enjoying food;
  • Having difficulties or pain while chewing and swallowing;
  • Being unable to communicate what you want to eat, or that you are hungry.

Recommendations for tackling these common issues may be a large help in sustaining a healthy body and mind over the course of many memory diseases. Please visit this article to read in length, all the potential supportive measures to improve nutrition.
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